Sunday, January 10, 2010

Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines Cases and Google Scholar

Yesterday I decided to see what Google Scholar has to offer and to combine it with another project - collecting the case law for the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. Using the query "Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines", I got the following (after eliminating the not-for-publication cases and those that just mention the IPTG without discussing them).

So far I am far more impressed than when I first heard that Google was cataloging appellate court opinions. The results show not only the West citation but the internal pagination. (For non-lawyers that means citations can be made to the exact page as the West Reporter). There is also citator (can anyone say a free Shepard's?)

Downsides are three: 1) no headnotes and the results page is not overly helpful; 2) if you base your research on the West Key Numbers then you are very much out of luck; and 3) it is not clear how far back we can get opinions. When I tried to find a 1917 case (Ellingham v. Dye), I got a citation to the case but not the case itself.

On the other hand, not sure that these downsides outweigh the benefits and being free.

Note that this was a pretty simple search - there are options for advanced searching that should be looked at for a more complex search.

Let us get to the results. Where the case discusses a particular section of the Parenting Time Guidelines, I have put the reference in parenthesis.

  1. 2009

  2. 2008
  3. 2007

    1. Tompa v. Tompa, 867 NE 2d 158 - Ind: Court of Appeals 2007 (preamble, flexibility)

  4. 2006

    1. Beaman v. Beaman, 844 NE 2d 525 - Ind: Court of Appeals 2006 (See Ind. Parenting Time Guidelines, Scope of Application, 2 )

    2. Shelton v. Shelton, 840 NE 2d 835 - Ind: Supreme Court 2006 ( section I(C)(3) )

    3. Shelton v. Shelton, 835 NE 2d 513 - Ind: Court of Appeals 2005 ( section I(C)(3) )

  5. 2005

    1. In re Paternity of GRB, 829 NE 2d 114 - Ind: Court of Appeals 2005 (I(D)(4), mid-week )

  6. 2004

    1. AGR ex rel. Conflenti v. Huff, 815 NE 2d 120 - Ind: Court of Appeals 2004

    2. MacLafferty v. MacLafferty, 811 NE 2d 450 - Ind: Court of Appeals 2004

  7. 2003

    1. Malicoat v. Wolf, 792 NE 2d 89 - Ind: Court of Appeals 2003 (Indiana Parenting Time Guideline I.E.3 )

    2. In re Paternity of KRH, 784 NE 2d 985 - Ind: Court of Appeals 2003

  8. 2002

    1. Haley v. Haley, 771 NE 2d 743 - Ind: Court of Appeals 2002

  9. 2001

    1. Kaplan v. Cunningham, 757 NE 2d 1026 - Ind: Court of Appeals 2001 (Guideline 1 & modification)

  10. 2000

  11. 1999

About the pagination, read Legal Research on Google Chrome

The other extension is called Google Scholar Legal Content Star Paginator. Without this extension, cases on Google Scholar display each page number to the left of the line in which the page begins. By contrast, with the extension, the page number goes immediately prior to the first word of the page. Of course, careful researchers should check the source material to be sure that the paging is accurate. Nevertheless, this extension should be appealing to researchers doing initial searches for case law on Google Scholar. The extension’s developer indicates how to integrate star paging on other browsers; but installing it on Google Chrome requires no instruction other than clicking an “Install” button.
I read this post as referring to the extension creating pagination conflicts.

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