Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Roundup of Law Blogs Part 1

Originally, I titled this post "My Best Family Law Blogs." I decided I was just making things too hard on myself. Some blogs I like because of how they are written. Others, I like because how they deal with legal issues. So determining the criteria presented problems. So I decided to just skip the criteria.

I got this idea from Pink Tape's Top 10 Law Blogs and a comment to Law bloggers respond to ABA Blawg 100 post.

I should say these are in no particular order:

  1. Indiana Law Blog. The oldest Indiana legal blog run by Marcia Oddi. The best source for news on Indiana legal matters.
  2. Florida Divorce Law Blog. A great source for interesting news on family law issues far beyond Florida.
  3. California Divorce and Family Law: another good source for news from different sources.
  4. Chicago Family Law Blog: I must admit to not reading this blog very often and I should.
  5. Florida Divorce & Family Law Blog: is a fairly new one but I think this may turn into an interesting read.
  6. Georgia Family Law Blog - an inspiration for me and I do not think I can give it any better an accolade. I got to admit that this blog makes me want to switch over to Typepad. A lot of information that is obvious in its presentation.
  7. Judith's Divorce Blog - English but worth reading for Americans. I first wrote about this blog under the title of Reading about: divorce related blogs
  8. Massachusetts Divorce & Family Law Blog: another new one and I like it. Maybe because he named this blog as one of the best but maybe more because he is another divorce litigator like me and has a some very sensible posts.
  9. Updates in Michigan Family Law - very much what it says, a source for Michigan law but there are some posts that apply outside of Michigan. I got the idea for highlighting Indiana's family cases from this blog.
  10. New York Divorce Report - another I should pay a bit more attention to but I admit there is only so much time in the day. Again, one that has posts applying to more than New York.
  11. The Pennsylvania Family Law Blog is a rarity amongst these blogs. The Fox Rothschild family law practice group rather than a solo or small firm attorney publishes this blog. Even then the articles have something to say to all sorts of clients, if they have a bit of lawerly stiffness.
  12. Divorce Law Journal concentrates on Kentucky and on mediation issues. For any lawyers reading this - remember to read the side columns for speaking engagements, etc.
Time is up for today. More next Sunday.


Steve Worrall said...

Thanks for including my Georgia Family Law Blog in your list. I feel honored to be included in such company as the blogs you have listed.
Steve Worrall
Georgia Family Law Blog

Sam Hasler said...

You are welcome but it is deserved. I must admit that you inspired my appellate faq post and some others. If I were to do a ranking on style and substance that was open to both the general public and lawyers you would at the top of such a list.

Unknown said...

Sam, I too must thank you, as I am surprised and humbled that you included my blog (Massachusetts Divorce & Family Law Blog) on your list. And I must agree with your comment that Steve Worrall's Georgia Family Law Blog should be at the top of the list. I would just add that yours, Sam, should be there too. Georgia and Indiana certainly have it going on!

Sam Hasler said...


I got to thank you for the traffic to my blog. As I said in the post, you have a very good blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for including The New York Divorce Report in your "Best of" list. I am fortunate to be in such esteemed company.

If I ever do such a list, the Indiana Divorce Blog would be right up there.

Dan Clement