Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Roundup of Law Blogs Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 are here and here, respectively.

  1. Maryland Divorce Legal Crier. Yes, the blog focuses on Maryland but worth reading - especially for us blogging lawyers. I like the way he varies the writing of his blog posts.
  2. Pink Tape. The blog that gave me the idea for doing these round ups of family law blogs. Another English blog. Probably not much for the American layperson but I like the writing style - that the writer likes practicing law, likes blogging, all come through.
  3. Houston Texas Divorce & Family Law Blog. A good looking blog with a Texas slant. Some good ideas here I might steal. (I say that with a smile and my indicator of good ideas). Wish I could write posts as short and as complete.
  4. Andrew Feldstein - Blawg. A Canadian blog which appears to be reviewing Canadian case law. When I started blogging, I was advised to keep my posts short so that they would be read and get away from in-depth discussions. This blog blasts those rules out of the water. Another surprise is the consistency of comments. I think this blog has more comments than any other family law blog I have seen or, at least, can recall.
  5. South Carolina Family Law Blog. Here is a great blog for laypersons - not that it is also not a great one for lawyers. Here I should probably note a bias - I am fascinated by the blogs who have great information that helps clients deal with their non-legal issues. I know that I could not have written Dating After Divorce.
  6. Illinois Divorce Law Blog. Rather new with an irregular publishing history but two things to note: 1) it has information on parental alienation syndrome and 2) it makes uses of YouTube videos.
  7. Art of Divorce: Family Law Resources. For the news and general information. I say this one is for laypeople but even then the information is rather general and generic. Also, nothing published since October 12, 2007.
  8. Maine Divorce Law Blog. Bill Nye's divorce blog has not seen a new post since October 18, 2007. Still everyone can still benefit from taking a look. For bloggers: Mr. Nye has a distinctive "voice" and he has forms posted. For non-lawyers, be aware what forms apply only to Maine and that he has some very articles on dealing with divorce.
  9. Diary of a San Jose Divorce Law Lawyer Blog. A new blog which has mostly news around the world that is divorce related.
  10. Oklahoma Family Law Blog. Very good - pay attention to the more recent posts about flat fees and advice on layperson's dealing with divorce. You find several of his articles mentioned on this blog.
  11. Family Lore. Yet another English blog. Wide-ranging - from talking about a book on quantum physics to family law related news. Besides, I got to like a guy who can write the following:
    I've often wished that I did something really important, rather than being a lawyer. Don't get me wrong; the affairs of my clients are extremely important to them, and it is important to me that I do a good job for them. However, matters of law are of course of no consequence whatsoever in the grand scheme of things....
  12. Virginia Family Law Blog. Another blog that gives me a lot of ideas and I tend to link to often enough. Common-sense advice about dealing with the legal system. A good deal applies outside of Virginia.
  13. Georgia Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements Blog: "News and Thoughts on Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements and Reconciliation Agreements in Georgia." From Stephen Worrall who also publishes Georgia Family Law Blog. Fairly new, well-written. Combine this with #14 if you leave here wanting more information on pre-nuptial agreements.
  14. Prenuptial Agreements: I like them even if they did list me in its post, The Top Family Law Blogs . A blog accessible to the general public without putting off the lawyers. The blog occupies its nice quite well . Take a look at Prenuptial Agreements Roundup - November 7, 2007. Even more impressive is that this blogger created a custom Google search engine for family law information.
Next week will be my last installment of this round up. As I mentioned in my first installment, this is not a ranking of family law blogs but my looking around at what others are doing with and on their family law blogs. Some of you from Indiana may find useful information elsewhere in the blogosphere and those of you not from Indiana may find your way to more pertinent information. Actually, I am having a bit of fun and learning a quite bit more by doing this sort of Internet walkabout, but I must admit that these posts take a lot of time. I try to give a concise but fair review of each blog and that means taking a good look at each one. Take a look and I hope you learn more about the law of family law.


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Hi again, Sam. Many thanks for the mention, and I'm glad you liked my comment about the position of law in the grand scheme of things!

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Its January and its raining...can you remind me again WHY I enjoy practising law?? I've forgotten... ;-)
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